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Minimizing Fire and Water Damage in the Fall: A Brief Guide

12/7/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Coppell and West Addison, a leader in fire and water damage restoration services, provides a comprehensive guide on ways people can minimize water and fire damage in the fall.

Fire and water damage can severely affect the home and wallet, especially when homeowners don't know where to begin. SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison advises taking precautions to mitigate these damages and provide affordable fire and water damage restoration services. What can home and business owners do to help?

1. Schedule a roof inspection

A roof inspection assesses the condition and safety of a roof going into the colder months. Trees can cause severe damage in the fall and winter, even more so when their branches are heavy with snow or hail. Some signs of water damage include ceiling stains, roof dips, or lost shingles.

2. Clean out gutters

Fall weather involves heavy rain and chances of snow. Wet leaves, dirt, and other natural debris dangerously clog gutters, leaving no place for water to travel away from the structure. Thoroughly cleaning gutters in the fall can help prevent water damage and flooding in the basements and homes.

3. Clear debris

Wet leaves or summer storm debris can weigh down gutters and your roof, leading to damage and problems like mold, rot, or water damage. One of the greatest dangers of water damage is the destruction of a roof's structure and the support of the home.

4. Keep fireplaces safe

Cleaning the chimney and fireplace is necessary for fall home maintenance and ensures it is ready for winter use. Soot buildup can start a deadly fire, but cleaning it keeps everyone safe. Homeowners can schedule chimney and fireplace inspections to resolve issues and tackle repairs.

To keep fireplaces safe, follow these steps:

  • Never leave fires unattended.
  • Only burn small fires and avoid overloading the fireplace with wood.
  • Use a glass door, guard, or fireplace screen as a safety barrier.

5. Check fire extinguishers & replace smoke alarm batteries

Some people never use their smoke alarms or fire extinguishers but should have them prepared in case a fire happens. When a home is on fire, everyone inside needs to know immediately, and smoke alarms with old batteries can fail to alert. Fire extinguishers are beneficial in the case of smaller fires, so everyone in a home should learn where they are and how to use them.

6. Winterize hoses & sprinkler systems

Detaching hoses from the hose bib prevents the line from freezing and potentially bursting from expanded ice. Winterizing sprinkler systems is also critical to hinder a damaging rupture that harms the home's structure and causes basement flooding.

Fire and water damage restoration from SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison serves the areas of Coppell and West Addison, TX, offering water and fire damage repair and restoration services to keep home and business owners safe. The time following these stressful events can leave people wondering how they will afford to clean up and move on, but SERVPRO offers affordable and honest pricing. They can perform fall maintenance and inspections to help get homes and businesses ready for the season.

Call SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400 for a service quote. Do not hesitate to contact their team for emergency fire and water damage restoration.

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