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Three Main Types of Winter Hazards and How to Address Them

12/28/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Coppell and West Addison goes over three common winter hazards and how restoration services can help take care of water damage.

Winter is a great time to enjoy the cold weather and holiday festivities, but homeowners should be aware of several hazards during winter. SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison shares the three main types of winter threats and how seasonal hazards and restoration services go hand in hand.

1. Slips and falls

Being active in the winter is just as important as being active any other time of year, but it's imperative to be as careful as possible. Remember to wear a helmet and protective gear when skiing and snowboarding, and shoes with proper traction while running.

Even exiting a vehicle on an icy driveway can lead to an unfortunate slip-and-fall accident, so always be aware of the surrounding area at all times. If homeowners notice ice freezing over on a walkway, find the source of the water and shut it off to prevent hazards.

2. Spike in sickness

The winter months can cause a spike in the flu and other illnesses. Many people don't think about this winter seasonal hazard, but when people are inside more, germs can spread quickly. Plus, cold and dry air can weaken immune resistance. If an illness is a concern, go the preventative route by getting a flu shot and keeping hands clean and physical contact to a minimum to reduce the chances of catching a winter cold or flu.

A knowledgeable water damage restoration company can quickly take care of water damage from a burst pipe, but a winter cold can be more challenging.

3. Water damage

Water damage can sneak up on a home or business during the winter months due to cold weather conditions such as:

  • Burst pipes: When pipes freeze, they can burst, causing slow leaks that spread water and mold damage throughout a home.
  • Blizzards: A blizzard is blowing or falling snow with winds of at least 35 mph. This dangerous type of storm reduces visibility and can lead to water damage once the snow melts.
  • Sleet: Sleet is rain or melting snow that freezes before it hits the ground. Even though it's softer than hail, it can still make roads slippery and damage a home or business, requiring storm damage restoration.
  • Freezing rain: If it starts to rain in freezing temperatures, the water can freeze once it makes contact with the ground. Once the ice melts, that water can seep into a home's foundation and cause structural damage.

Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable—especially during the winter. That's why it's essential to work with a certified water damage restoration company like SERVPRO that understands seasonal hazards and restoration.

SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison has water damage under control

Wintertime brings joy, but it can also bring hazards that can put a damper on holiday get-togethers. The expert team at SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison can address seasonal hazards, like burst pipes and floods, with water damage repair. SERVPRO offers 24-hour emergency service, advanced technology and equipment, and a highly trained and experienced team that provides top-notch customer support every step of the way.

For more information regarding seasonal hazards and restoration services in Love Field, TX, or surrounding areas, contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of Coppell and West Addison at (972) 233-8400.

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